Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jim Reed far one of my favorite weather photographers. Absolutely beautiful! I love, love, love his work, which has been seen all over from book covers to National Geographic and Scientific American.

Absolutely stunning work. I emailed him, and hopefully I'll get some helpful hints or help from him!

Check out his work here:

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Donate to the Documentary!

Due to the state of Illinois cutting funding for state colleges and Universities, SIUC is currently under a hiring and spending freeze. Grant money is harder then ever to come by, and while I am seeking every opportunity to find grants to fund my project, it is extremely unlikely that there will be ANY funding that will come my way (I am also undergraduate which complicates things further. Even graduate students are very rarely getting grants). This leaves me to pretty much fund my project by myself which is difficult while finishing my last semester of college, preparing to start paying back school loans and enter the "professional" stages of life, and working as well.

If you would like to help fund the gas, lodging and food (pb&j!) costs that I will be facing while out on the road with the chasers, I've set up an account to help defer the daily costs (about $60-$90 a day/night while with VORTEX2, but much less when I am with the other teams).



Thanks for stopping by! This is the blog where I will record all of the happenings having to do with my storm chasing documentary. I will try to keep it updated the best I can each week until May, when I will be off chasing!

Check out the VORTEX2 website here:

The Weather Channel: Dr. Josh Wurman explains the VORTEX2 project, prelaunch of the 2009 mision: