Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tornados to my north, tornados to my south!!!

Well, after a rather eventful night of driving, I made it to Norman, Oklahoma. About 3 and half hours in, I hit two tornado warned storms; one on the ground and one potential producer, near Mountain View, MO. The sirens were blaring so I finally found a restaurant to stop at and take cover until the storms passed, and then got back on the road, only to be stopped again by the same thing! So after another round of waiting at a local firehouse in Mountain View, I finally got back on the road and made it into Norman around 3:30AM.

Today was supposed to be the launch day for V2, however the weather models are showing little to no potential of super cells being produced, so we have a "down day", here in Norman. I plan on using it to catch up on SLEEP (I only got 4 hours last night), and sightseeing around Norman.

Crossing my fingers that we get to take off tomorrow!

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