Monday, April 5, 2010

Procrastination, anticipation, and a trip to Chicago

This is day two with severe storms and tornado watches to my north! I feel like the shunned child in the candy store who can't have any candy... I'd take off (almost did!), but I have a portfolio due Friday so I absolutely have to be good and do my work... Turns out there was a tornado warned storm two counties due east of me too!

These last four weeks of class are going to be brutal. Never mind that I only have ONE class, I can't even find the motivation to FINISH this last class... photographing outside in the gorgeous sunshine and watching all this severe weather break out is proving to be much more interesting then my lame "masks" portrait project I somehow conjured up thinking it would be "artistically creative" and something to keep me preoccupied until VORTEX2 rolls around... fun, but proving to be more time consuming then I would like...


I have one paper (ironically a 100 level course on geology I couldn't bring myself to take before now...), one lab, and one final portfolio review to culminate my degree before the end of the month. I also have one final trip up to Chicago with my portfolio class to visit studios and photographers this week, including Paul Elledge Photography whom I externed with over spring break. Should be interesting, and it will be good to be home and see my family, a very pregnant friend, and my newly engaged friends from high school.

I've learned a little more about who exactly I will be traveling with in May and June. VORTEX2 has a "media" vehicle that serves as a "base" vehicle for all the media that venture out with the crew. There is a woman by the name of Susan, who I've found out will be my "contact" person out in the field. She is a meteorologist and science writer for the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory, and she is the one who will help me get into all the different teams on VORTEX2 over the course of the six weeks. I've also learned I'll be heading to Norman, Oklahoma to start off with her "group" on May 1st instead of Hays, KS where I was headed originally.

Just 18 days until I take off for Norman!

(caffeine and adrenaline, haha)